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VHV10 Rotary Table

VHV10 Rotary Table


HV10 Rotary Table (Horizontal/Vertical) Vertex 1001-003
Table 254mm diameter Height 109mm (horizontal)
Centre Height 163mm (vertical)
Weight 37 kgs
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VHV12 Rotary Table

VHV12 Rotary Table


HV12 Rotary Table (Horizontal/Vertical) Vertex 1001-004
Table 305mm diameter Height 125mm (horizontal)
Centre Height 194mm (vertical)
Weight 70 kgs
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VHV8 Rotary Table

VHV8 Rotary Table


HV8 Rotary Table (Horizontal/Vertical) Vertex 1001-002
Table 205mm diameter Height 102mm (horizontal)
Centre Height 135mm (vertical)
Weight 26 kgs
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Lathe Tooling

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Indexable Insert Tooling

Turning Tools and Boring Bars for CNC Lathes.
All using Industry Standard ISO Tungsten Carbide Inserts.

VDI DIN 69880

Kintek Static Tooling for CNC Lathes
Toolholders for VDI Turrets to DIN69880
Sauter, Duplomatic, Baruffaldi etc

Quick-Change Tooling System

Quick Change Tooling System 40-Position Indexing QC Toolpost for Lathes

Lathe Centres

Dead Centres - Live Centres - Tube Centres

Lathe Chucks

Vertex Scroll Chucks

Boring Bar Bushes

Reduction Bushes for Boring Bars

Weston Tooling |  Lathe Tooling