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VWS Prisma Vice Jaw

VWS Prisma Vice Jaw

Vertex VWS Prisma Vice Jaw to fit our 6" Machine Vices.
Hardened & Ground with Cross Vees.

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Weston Tooling |  Collets

ER Collets

ER Collets to DIN6499
Invented by Schaublin
Made famous by Regofix

ER Collet Sets

Collet Sets

ERVGD Sealed Collets

ER Collets sealed for thro' tool coolant feed
Rubber seals across slits of collets.

ERUP Collets

High Precision Collets
Maximum Runout 0,005mm

ERMD Tap Collets

ER Collets for holding taps.
Square drive transmits torque.

Weston Tooling |  Collets